Environmental Education Group Sets Out To Harmonize The Environments On All Levels.
Environmental Education Group’s 50-year history and evolution is entering a new era with new understandings and new commitments. We are committed to uprooting the disharmonies and imbalances in our environments and bringing more harmony and more long term real solutions to them. Our nonprofit is dedicated to going after those things that take our planet out of balance and weaken our whole society.

Environmental Education Group's New President Expresses the Next Steps in World Helping Plans

Environmental Education Group was formed in 1972 by a like-minded group of individuals in many sectors coming together with a shared inspiration and collective aspiration to bring about a strong awareness of our individual effects on our planets balance and harmony.

EEG’s independent research began over 50 years ago and we are deeply humbled by the new levels and dimensions of understanding that are reaching us as we dive deeper and deeper in the search for real security and stability for our people and our planet day after day, year after year.

We have come to realize environmental harmony on our planet is not a one dimensional situation. It is not exclusive to the science of climate change nor is it dependent on our politics. Real long term environmental harmony is personal. It is all inclusive. It’s spiritual, it’s mental, it’s physical. It is an individual and collective progressive process that continues to expand and continues to create deeper and deeper levels of harmony with every one and every thing on every level and in every way.

We are coming to realize with more and more surety and confidence, that every place on our planet is unique. Every person individual. Therefore, from that perspective it is easy to see the needs for harmony in every situation is different. And the requirements for deeper harmony and the plan to obtain it, is fundamentally different in all people and in all situations.

EEG is completely inspired and totally dedicated to spreading the tools of harmony and creating and supporting atmospheres that reflect harmony. In the last decade EEG has been working diligently internally and beginning the process of helping to inspire more and more of our future leaders towards new concepts and perspectives of harmony.
                                                                                                                                                                                               - Lielle Arad, President
What do we mean by complete harmony?
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ALL OTHER ENVIRONMENTAL NON-PROFITS are looking for ways of healing the branches. WE ARE healing the roots...
while transplanting the perspectives, replacing the shallow short lived solutions and motivations  with long term strong standing complete harmonious structures building unified wisdom & forever improving environments.
EEG's Current Project Leaders

Lielle A.

Lielle Arad is our EEG president. She infects us all with her fresh inspiration and feelings towards what she thinks environmental education should stand for. To her, environmental education is about acknowledging weaknesses in our atmospheres and finding those long-term real solutions that work to bring balance and harmony, as well as long term real security and stability to our people and to our planet. We, the members, and supporters of EEG, are proud to also be infected by her inspiration.

Lielle began to spearhead down-to-earth efforts to create tangible examples of harmonious business atmospheres to serve EEG’s fundraising goals as well as to expand our community outreach. In the process, Lielle stumbled unwittingly into a web of deception and legal abuse. But Ms. Arad is not one to lay down and die. Instead, Lielle has been rising up to not only help defend EEG and herself but has become inspired to become a lawyer, and to create access to justice through educational programs for those that may find themselves caught in these types of deceptive legal pressures and/or white-collar crimes.

As Lielle continues to work through applying her own solutions, and strengthening her own personal weaknesses, we believe that she will become an even stronger leader in helping as many people as she can rising through these painful, demoralizing, blindsiding, life-draining intimidations.

Those like Lielle, that love their humanity and planet, but lack the legal knowledge and resources to adequately defend our people and our planet and everything on it, or in it, from the many reckless layers of threats, misuse, power, greed, corruption, or chaos, will certainly understand the benefits our EEG president brings to our planet. She is our hero.

Alysa S.

Under the umbrella of EEG is a special project that we are very proud to be assisting and supporting, TikaKnows. Alysa S. is the founder and the creative education principal. She teaches and writes the schools curriculum. She also writes, produces, and directs videos connected to the school’s program. She is always preparing more and more evolved communication techniques. This school is much more than a full-time commitment for her. It has become the major part of her life. She obviously loves her work.

Her ongoing research and ever evolving communication and social harmonizing techniques, we are quite sure, will have a profound positive impact on our current generations and bring about major changes in our growing individuals, especially in regards to how people view themselves, their world and everything connected to it. 

Seda S.

We would like to say a few words about our deeply dedicated wonderfully selfless, highly respected, community outreach EEG representative.

Seda is a very passionate people person. She helps everyone she can, especially the ill, and the elderly. No chore seems to be too big or small for her to do or lend a hand with.

Seda has also been helping EEG raise money for many years now. She tells her neighbors and friends about our EEG projects, and her commitment and efforts have been very instrumental in funding our educational and food service projects.

In The Beginning. 
Environmental Education Group was invited to the First International United Nations Conference on the Human Environment in Stokholm, Sweden in 1972. The Exhibit is still on permanent display at the Forum site of the conference.
Environmental Education Group’s 50-year history and evolution is entering a new era with new understandings and new commitments. EEG is committed to uprooting the disharmonies and imbalances in our environments and bringing more harmony and more long term real solutions to them. 
Global Warming Continues to smother life. 
What happens on one side of the planet, it's become clear. It affects what's on the other side of the planet. And everything on it. Or in it. 
EEG will also provide vital fundraising to create and sustain retreats for educational training of future teachers, as well as to help fund EEG's 'TikaKnows' multi-media lessons for teachers, parents and children.
EEG's TikaKnows is set up to teach young children how to better understand themselves, fellow students and society at large, as well as to gain a stronger feeling of where those children fit into those situations.
EEG's TikaKnows will also be producing curriculum and videos that will be shared freely online with other teachers and parents that will bring a deeper sense of continuity and a growing sense of responsibility in both the parents, teachers, as well as the children.
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We are always asking for people to help us every way they can.
EEG will be tackling our world’s major problems, as well as many of our personal issues at their root. 
We have positively learned that the root of our problems in our environments, 
no matter how big or small, stem directly from our own individual disharmony. 
The Thinker Exposed
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Very importantly, these teachings and understandings get into answering the many worries and questions about the thinking process that pertains to wars, religion, poverty and many, many other major issues in our enviornments that so many of our people have struggled and died over since our history began.
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We are always asking for people to help us every way they can.
"More and more of us are understanding, that if we are going to help bring balance to our planet, we are going to have to take steps to bring balance to ourselves."
 - The Sustainable Planet & the Total Vantage Point
Some of EEG's volunteer group.
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The Sustainable Planet & The Total Vantage Point
The following is an excerpt from our California Educational Tour presented to the following audiences:
 Century City
Metropolitan Water District
Dorothy Chandler Pavillion
Earth Day San Fransisco
Saddleback College
University of California 
Santa Barbara
Los Angeles Central Library
Mark Taper Auditorium
Inland Empire 
Asian Business Conference
International Green Industries 
Hall of Fame 
Eye on the Environment
CBS Studios
When dealing with issues as powerful as pollution and water and energy deficits, as well as hunger and war, EEG recognizes where those tragic problems and imbalances actually come from. As many great poets, authors, prophets, philosophers, etc. have so eloquently pointed out, those issues and those problems come from within each of us.

Einstein said you cant solve a problem with the same level of consciousness that created it' and we see this exactly that way. The surface mind is literally blindfolded as it stumbles through evolution. It is only through the inspiration of the deeper consciousness or the subconscious that it begins to see the light and the endless ocean of harmony that lies deeper within itself.

Isn’t it wonderful that in this century, in 2018, we now have actual guidance that shows us step by step how to solve these imbalances within us fully, individually, completely and forever. And we now understand that it is those imbalances, and that personal disharmony that is the root of wars and poverty and the cause of all of the man made disasters on our planet, as well as the root of personal confusion, instabilities, and dependencies.

For the most part, it is difficult to recognize the root of this disharmony, however at times we certainly see the results of it. We do notice as it reflects our un-peaceful personal consciousness and how we may get caught up in agitation, disharmony, then speculation, prejudice and superiority, all resulting in different levels of personal imbalance.  These personal imbalances result in collective catastrophic imbalances like in wars, poverty, and all man made disharmonies. Whether we know it or not we are at war with our own selves in different degrees in some level of our own personal darkness that we might not even be aware of. 

In our natural response to life we are socially conditioned to ignore, or hide from most of this darkness and disharmony. Yet if that darkness and confusion did not exist there would obviously be no imbalance, including wars, etc. in us personally or collectively. I mean if everyone was in complete harmony how could there be.
If we could look at that unbalanced darkness with-in ourselves as an individual deficit that requires an individual solution, (and only an individual solution could make that resolution to be a permanent);

If we could call that darkness a type of personal ignorance, that deeper 'evolving ideas' could bring permanent solutions to. If we could realize that our weakness to our own darkness stems from our dependency on others perspectives; we could then begin to understand how we are caught up in the collective thinking processes. If we could understand collective think­ing processes have us responding with less personal current perspectives, and more from old concepts and attitudes of disharmony, we could then realize that many of those pivotal world disruptive disharmonies, have been handed down to us with ideas that never worked completely, and cer­tainly are not working completely or efficiently now. 

Let's say that each of us needed light, like the suns light or the light bulb type of light and we wanted to be able to permanently solve our own light needs, and there was a way we could learn how to do that. A workshop if you will. Now if we could look at that individual need for light as a per­sonal problem to be solved and our individual ability to solve that problem as a personal as well as collective solution, due to that fact that our solution would benefit us individually as well as collectively, because there would be one less person that needed light. We would have discovered the root of the problem and the ultimate 'idea' solution. If each of us can produce light from our own individual selves, we have solved the light problem com­pletely and permanently. 

Our organization has community workshops with evolved ideas and solutions that work. We will donate our time and energies to teach you all you need to know about finding your own personal, permanent solution. We can show you from the ground up how to discover your own internal, personal infinite harmony. Our community workshops help you discern the darkness and disharmonies within you and help you discover your own light. 

Discovering your own light will be solving personal disharmonies and im­balances and stopping the collective catastrophic world destroying imbal­ance, 'one individual solution at a time'. 

So the evolution of ideas beckons us to recognize the root of our personal as well as collective/world disharmonies. Those disharmonies are in each of us individually. Evolving ideas are inspiring us to individually find the light within us that puts each root in harmony with itself. Ultimately, evolving ideas show us that we cannot heal the tree by treating the limb, we must make the root healthy. 

Through this wonderful, practical, proven work, the world will become healthy and our people will find permanent peace and harmony one root at a time. 
"Bringing our planet into balance is our future and is the direction to take for personal as well as collective success. "
All of our star projects believes that there is no greater wealth sociologically and individually, than venturing into the atmosphere that helps to bring balance, peace, real stability and permanent security to our selves individually and also collectively to our planet. We are proud to be able to offer to all of you that are inspired that world changing atmosphere. You can now all be a part of that strong world helping movement in a multitude of interesting, exciting, financially securing, and experience gaining, multi dimensional ways.  

Isn't it wonderful that we now have these new jewels of understanding coming to our people at this time in our evolution that are clarifying problems that have baffled mankind for all of history? Up till now, we have had no real long term solutions for our worlds major problems, just lots of band aids. But we now have those organic and custom long-term root healing solu­tions available. Bring us your questions and suggestions and ways you might want to help or be involved. Understand; we are not bringing forth these precious beneficial insights to compete with anyone or any path or philosophy. It is rather just the opposite. We consider all experiences to be stepping-stones in that discovery of the ultimate self. So our goal is simply providing new evolved insights and new evolved real solutions to any and all people that are inspired to hear them. 

If we had a goal it would be to, inspire a sense of responsibility in each of you as you set out to gain funding, wealth, personal balance, deeper insights as well as, acknowledgment through your arts, music or businesses, innovations and inventions, in dealing with the world and communicating your talents, a strong sense of responsibility, that leaves the footprint of balance, as opposed to further taking our planet off course into a still further gloomy future. 

Things like, global warming, world poverty, ever increasing and accumu­lating non-degradable garbage, and various other ways of adding to the ever-growing destruction of our planet and the life on it and around it. 

So, we would highly advise that we as a people should never stop look­ing for those answers that bring our planet and our people into more and more harmony. If we do, we would be limiting ourselves. 

Bringing our planet into balance is our future and is the direction to take for personal as well as collective success. 

So, we endeavor to remember being successful is great, and we want to help you be successful, but not at the expense of everyone else’s destruc­tion, where it takes the planet out of balance in the process. Because the way things are going, the lack of responsibility will continue to deteriorate our planet and there will not be a planet for us, or our children to enjoy our success in. 

We are dedicated and inspired to make those changes that are needed in our world, because we know and understand 'that' depreciating affect, and as much as anyone may try to ignore it, that affect is in the process of depreciating our entire future planet. It is not hard to see that depreciating affect and how it is well on its way to taking over in some parts of our world. We at Environmental Education Group cannot ignore that, and we are committed to making those changes our world needs to gain its balance period. And we hope you will join us.
EEG Fiscally Sponsored Projects
Steel Birds
Listen to the sounds of B4neptune 
at our 'Fostering our Foster Future' 
event in Los Angeles in 2012. 
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We are always asking for people to help us every way they can.
EEG 2021 Officers, Directors & Advisors
Lielle Arad
Chairwoman of the Board
Kyle Schulte
Member of the Board of Directors
Seda Sungu
Member of the Board of Directors
Prof. Alan Tratner
Senior Advisor
Green2Gold Director
EEG Founder
Alysa Schulte
Creative Education Principal
K C. Caruso
Senior Advisor
Financial Assistant
Education Development Assistant
Environmental Education Group has a long rich history.

"In 1972
EEG became a tax-exempt educational and scientific research foundation with a global mission. In that same founding year, EEG participated and contributed to the First United Nations International Conference on the Human Environment held in Stockholm, Sweden." 

- Prof. Alan Tratner, Founder 

Scroll through some of our history here.

Or listen below to Prof. Alan Tratner on GreenisGood Radio.

Thank You to Our Founding Honorary Directors & Consultants
EEG was established in 1972 with a highly experienced board of directors and extensive advisory board with international expertise, to carry out multiple missions to protect and sustain human civilization and its interaction with the planet. 
Steve Allen, Entertainer

Marc B. Anderson Executive Director, Citizens for a Better Environment

Thomas Bradley Los Angeles City Councilman 1st Vice-President National League of Cities

John Byer M.S. Geologist, Certified Engineering Geologist

Eugene B. Gendel Ph.D. Professor of Economics, Woodbury University Burbank California (Formerly of California Museum of Science & Industry)

Nina Wilcox Merson Co-Founder of Eco Expo

Rev. Peter Kreitler Executive Director Earth Service, Inc.

Tony Schultz PhD. Director of Investigative Research & Communications Pulitzer Prize Winner, 1968

Mark Wexler Consumer Consultant & Journalist

Richard T. Robbins Director of E.E.G. Ohio

Grant Cary Director Laurel Ecology Center
Richard Cramer Editor-in-Chief, Environmental Quality Magazine

Dr. Dennis Gabor Nobel Prize Winner Professor C.B.S. Laboratories, Professor Imperial College of Science & Technology (London)

Richard H. Gilluly Environmental Journalist, Former Environmental Editor Science News

Gary Greenberg President Environmental Communications

Ms. K Lee Secretary Creative Writer

Leonard Luskin Assistant to the Director

Lee & Betty Blodget Photographers Members of Sierra Club

Keith & Allison Wegeman Youth Coordinators

Hannah Tarlitz Elementary Education Consultant Representative at United Nation's Conference on Human Environment

Dr. Bruce Halstead Director World Life Research Institute

Jerry Kovacks MSCE, B.S. Civil Engineer, President Geology & Soils Consultants, Inc.

John McKenzie President, Citizens for a Better Environment

Beatrice E. Willard, Ph.D. Executive Office of the President, Council on Environmental Quality

Melvin H. Kirschner M.D. Master of Public Health Medical Consultant & President of DesignVectors, Inc. Member of A.M.A

Bert Rogal Mutli-Media Producer Director, Writer

Robert I. Ronka Attorney at Law

Nancy Pearlman Director Ecology Center of Southern California

Roderick Nash Associate Professor of History & Environmental Studies, UCSB

Ronald Revere B.S. Biologist

Fortney H. Stark, Jr. President Security National Bank

Richard C. Stayner Director Environmental Alert Group Alumni of Board of Directors

Dr. Noel Brown Chairperson Past Director United Nations Environment Program United States Senator

Dr. Richard Saxon Past President, Physicians for Social Responsibility (Los Angeles) United States Senator

Marvin A. Harten Attorney at Law Engineering Consultant

Janet Woerner Science Instructor & Director of "Ecosources" Freeland, Michigan Secondary Education Consultant

Mark Ross Cultural Historian, Population Expert & Associate Editor of Environmental Quality Magazine   
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