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We're raising money to develop the first anesthesia residency program in Liberia to produce its first crop of highly trained anesthesiologists, critical care physicians, pain specialists and perioperative medicine physicians. Thanks in advance for your contribution to this cause, lives will be greatly impacted and that means so much to me.
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Thank you...
For your compassion, concern and generous donation. Your contribution will help to make the Liberian healthcare system whole and curb the loss of life that results from there being a major area of the healthcare system that is completely missing. Namely, the fact that there are zero anesthesiologists and zero anesthesia physician training programs, resulting in an absence of anesthetic and medical care for complex patients, suboptimal care during complex surgeries (they now have a neurosurgeon), an absence of organized trauma care, zero functional intensive care units in the nation (in Africa anesthesiologists are the main intensivists), an absence of advanced maternal care (epidural anesthesia for surgery or labor is currently not possible) and a lack of continuing medical education for the country’s few nurse anesthetists. 

On behalf of the Institute of Global Perioperative Care (IGPC) and our partners from the Liberian government/healthcare system, Johns Hopkins University and Vanderbilt University we sincerely appreciate your investment into healthcare education and training excellence in Liberia.

John B. Sampson, M.D.
Institute of Global Perioperative Care
Associate Professor
Anesthesiology & Critical Care Medicine
Johns Hopkins University

Camila Walters, M.D.
Assistant Professor
Pediatric Anesthesiology
Vanderbilt University

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